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    There are a lot of choices of toys to fill up a home or classroom! Some good guidelines to go by are: Keep it simple, educational, and leave room for kids to creatively experiment and explore . We’ll go through a few suggestions and look at what makes them appropriate.

    The Marble Run toys by Marble Genius may outlast us all for their popularity. With adjustable parts to build towering tracks it can be loads of fun with literally endless design options available solving skills since when using this kids have to match both the different tracks and holes up properly to make sure the marbles don’t get stuck halfway down. This in addition to practicing spatial awareness, color and shape recognition for younger kids, and hand-eye coordination is practiced.

  • For many of the same reasons above, simple sidewalk chalk is a great choice for any aged elementary school kid. Building spatial awareness and encouraging creative play. Beyond this is encourages outdoor play. It can be used as a tool even for kids to create their own games, if not just draw out a hopscotch field. At the end of the day it’s an easy one to clean up with just a hose.

    For slightly older kids just about ready to go into middleschool, air gliders, legos, bug catching boxes, toy telescopes, simple instruments, and kinetic sand such as is made by Spin Master would all be great decisions to keep the kids learning without even knowing it during recess.

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